Nation's self-developed satellite to launch service in HKSAR

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(ECNS) -- As China's first self-developed satellite communications system, Tiantong will offer commercial mobile services in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Wednesday, China Telecom, one of the major telecommunications service provider announced.

Subscribers in the HKSAR can access the mobile satellite system for mobile communication services including SMS conversation, voice communications, data transmission, and other services without changing their SIM cards.

The Tiantong satellite service has been widely used in disaster relief, emergency rescue, tourism exploration and internet of things operations.

As sole operator, China Telecom is the first provider in China to obtain international telecommunication code number resources for satellite communication services.

China Telecom obtained the operation license with the support of the HKSAR government, said Tang Ke, vice general manager of China Telecom. The company has achieved the full mobile satellite communication services in Hong Kong, he added.

Hong Kong will be the starting point to promote overseas application of the Tiantong communication satellite system and serve the economic and social development of countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, the company noted.