Chinese eVTOL aircraft completes test flight in Shanghai

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(ECNS) -- A 2-metric ton electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developed by AutoFlight, a Shanghai based company, completed its first test flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Monday.

The test flight of the large V2000CG aircraft set a new record for such aircraft at a 4-level airport, which is capable of handling wide-body aircraft. Previously, the aircraft had undergone several rounds of test flights at self-built sites, general and transportation airports.

As an important solution for future urban air transportation, eVTOL aircraft have the advantage of flexible take-off and landing, zero carbon emissions, and a comfortable ride experience.They can be widely used in urban air and intercity travel within metropolitan areas. Travel time from Pudong airport to downtown Shanghai will be shortened to 10 minutes from a ground journey of 60-90 minutes.

The aircraft obtained Type Certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in March 2024, making it the world’s first eVTOL aircraft weighing over one ton to be awarded such certification.